Vietnam, December 2014

Written by Amy

Hanoi  Ha Long Bay  Hue  Hoi An  Nha Trang  Da Lat  Mui Ne  Saigon  Phu Quoc


Being in Hanoi made Bangkok seem like nothing. In Bangkok you had to look maybe two/three times before you cross the streets, in Hanoi, you rather just not cross the streets at all if you love your life. So you can understand we didn’t want to spend too much time here. To escape the craziness we booked ourselves a ‘relaxing’ Ha Long Bay cruise. Unfortunately we had the luck of bad weather conditions. So our sunbathing and lots of swimming and beautiful sunset dreams stayed dreams. Nevertheless, the views from the mountaintops were still breathtaking.

Best streetfood ever

First encounter with a real life ”wild” snake!

Mui Ne & Phu Quoc

Skipping the part of some bad weather and bad luck parts of our trip we arrive in Mui Ne. This is one of my best memories. Spending a day walking through, what they call, the fairy stream. Which is almost therapeutic relaxing. You just take of your shoes and get walking through the soft red colored water.

We didn’t spend much time in Saigon but we did stay in Phu Quoc for a while. Eating at the same restaurant day after day because the food was just só good. And the days itself we filled exploring the entire island with its never ending strokes of white sand beaches.

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