South Thailand, January 2015

Written by Amy

Koh Chang  Kanchanaburi  Koh Tao  Koh Samui  Krabi  Koh Phi Phi  Koh Lanta  Koh Lipe


In Kanchanaburi we felt right at home. We stayed in a hostel with the cutest rooms. Unfortunately also the hardest mattresses but that was something we were kind of used to by now. The entire street was full of little restaurants, bars and hostels. There was one restaurant which was so crowded every day. It didn’t look like much but we thought, if it is this crowded every day it must be good. so we decided to try it anyways. Waiting for half an hour for a table is something you just don’t do in Thailand. But it was só worth it. We went there again the next day.

If you are in Kanchanaburi something you really can not miss are the Erawan Waterfalls. You can swim in sparkling blue water with a gorgeous waterfall as a backdrop. Petting baby elephants and sharing food with monkeys is nothing rare either.


The rest of South Thailand was all about the beaches for us. We went from island to island, snorkeling in the clear blue waters and cruising around the islands discovering its every corner. While staying at Koh Lanta we enjoyed the most amazing sunset dinners at the beach. Feeling like we were in some kind of movie, so unreal.

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