Portugal, May 2017

Written by Amy

Sintra, Cascais & Lisbon



We booked our vacation to portugal by Elizawashere, wich was the best decision ever. We stayed in a really nice b&b in Sintra. The owners were the nicest and the rooms were like little bungalows on a hill. The room was very spacious and clean with a private bathroom and a little terrace. Breakfast was served in a baskets at your door every morning at the time of your choice. To the center of the city it was a little walk uphill. The city center was filled with lots of tourists but still very authentic.

We spent our time walking around the Unesco Heritage Sites visiting all the palaces, gardens and castles. And also the beaches in the nearby areas.





A day in Cascais



When in Lissabon, you have to travel by tram, eat pasteis de belem, visit at least some viewpoints and stroll through the city like you’re lost. Just like we did. We’ve visited the Belem Tower, been up and down the Santa Justa Elevador and walked a lot. Like; a LOT.

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