Dubai, 2016

Written by Amy

Dubai  Abu Dhabi


We spent our time in Dubai strolling through the enormous city. I think we’ve probably been to every big shopping mall they have. We also spent a day in ‘the old city’ which was by far my favorite day. Everything about it reminded me of Asia. The outside life, the markets, street vendors, herbs and spices everywhere and no skyscraper to be seen.

It would be a shame to have been in Dubai but not have seen the dessert. So of course a dessert safari was necessary. I think I was scared to death when they went full on crazy driving over the sand dunes. But I survived and I would not have want to miss it for the world.

Abu Dhabi

The best part of Abu Dhabi was that we did not have that much planned at all. All the sightseeing in Dubai was done, so now all we had to do was relax by the pool with a cold drink and a good book.

The only thing we definitely did want to see was the grande mosque. The picture by night was something we stumbled upon by accident. So you see, sometimes when things do not go as planned, they appear to be even better.

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