Cambodia, December 2014

Written by Amy

Sihanoukville  Koh Ta Kiev  Kratie  Phnom Penh  Siem Reap  Battambang

Koh Ta Kiev

After spending Christmas in Sihanoukville we were eager for a little bit off time so we decided to go to an island without any civilization but its ‘resort’. You can imagine, no running water or electricity was quite the challenge for me. Besides the fact that the shower was scooping water from a big bucket and throwing it over your head, I had the best time on this island. But when you have cute dogs, a cat, a beach and a good book I am quite easy pleased. To be honest, it was one big hippy village but I loved it so much. It was a bummer we had to leave because they were booked during new years otherwise we would have definitely stayed a little while longer.

Siem Reap

Every travelers dream, visiting the temples of Angkor Wat. One tip; you do not want to ‘save’ on spending money for a tuktuk by renting a bike and cycling from your hostel to the temples, through the temple area and back. Your butt will not survive. Other than that, the temples are gorgeous, but I think that is just common sense right?

Cambodia was one of our favorites. I can’t remember a place we visited here that we didn’t like. It has a little bit of all, the islands, beaches, culture and history.

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